March 9, 2021

"We are building a new home and have had a number of hurdles but the septic system was not one of them. I contacted Kelmac and they took care of everything. The system was installed without issue. In fact I changed the location of the leach lines after starting the permit process and Kelmac knew what would need to be done for the new design to pass inspection. This has probably been the easiest and trouble free aspect of our build so far."
November 23, 2020

"I spoke to kelly about replacing my leech field and the extraordinary conditions with it. He gave me advice on who to contact and thoroughly explained what was involved in replacing a leech field. He was honest about not being able to do it at this time and i will be calling him when ready. Kelly was user friendly,professional and easy to work with. He responded quickly.provided resources. I feel like he did everything he could to help me."
November 20, 2020

"So I call this guy (Kelly) to get a second opinion on an estimate I had just received to repair my septic system. I emailed him all the info and docs that I had received from the company. (Real Estate deal, not my choice) He reviews them, we talk and he winds up making a recommendation that doesn't even include him making a dime. Wow. If that's not a good litmus test for someone that's trustworthy what is? At no time did he bash the other company and he spoke with a lot of knowledge and common sense.This was such a tremendous help because it allowed me to regroup and focus on the task at hand. Thanks Kelly I really appreciate it. So, yes, if the opportunity ever arises in the future, I will look to hire this man.Hope this helps someone else to make a good decision."
May 4, 2020

"I am an absentee landlord with a property in Mountain Club. Our rental had an ancient cespool that was collapsing in on it's self. I was going to be there for the duration of the job to be present and maybe get my hands dirty. Covid-19 lock down made me stay home instead. I have plenty of property. I also have a wash and a retaining wall that make the install of the system a bit of a head scratcher. Kelly pulled it off with no problem. He worked with me for over a year on planning this install. We had some design issues and other odd things out of our control. He met with me several times and we hand countless phone calls. Kelly had to build a burm between the leach field and the wash on the property. He then back filled the area where the leach field went in. The property had a slight slope to it, now it is flat. H also removed the retaining wall to free up some space. My yard looks better now than when he started. I got a new septic system and an improved yard as a package deal! When I first met with Kelly he made me feel very comfortable about doing this job. There was nothing cavalier in his approach. Super cool guy to work with. No BS, no sweat. There were some issues with curious neighbors (nosey) and an annoyed Tennant. Kelly dealt with them way better than I would have! Everybody happy in the end. I am thrilled with Kelly and his work. The job was done in the time frame he said it would be done in and with no change orders. Price as quoted was the price I paid. We had the final inspection on 04/28/2020. Call Kelly. You will not be disappointed. I can be reached at [email protected] if you would like a reference. Thank you Kelly!! Seth M Jones "
February 27, 2019

"Kelly did an awesome job with my alternative septic installation. He was very professional and responsive throughout the entire project. He even sent me pictures of progress when I wasn't able to be there. Very reliable and honest. I would not hesitate in recommending him or using him for a future project."